Beauty of STEAM Pitch Competition

The Beauty of STEAM (BOS) Pitch Competition™ is designed to provide a platform for middle and high school girls to showcase their STEAM innovations and compete for startup capital and mentorships to start or grow their business idea. This annual competition challenges teams to use science, technology, engineering, art  and math (STEAM) innovation, as well as entrepreneurship to create a more sustainable world for this and future generations.

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The BOS Pitch Competition challenges girls to use science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) innovation, as well as entrepreneurship to build upon their business ideas.

The BOS Pitch Competition is open to girls ages 9-21  who compete for investments and mentorships to take their STEAM creativity to new heights.

Turn your innovative idea into a commercially-viable product or service that solve a problem or meet a desire want or need…”It’s the Beauty of STEAM”

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The BOS Pitch Competition is a dynamic way for GPS to offer our program partners and parents an opportunity to provide context and depth to the BOS curriculum as well as propel girl’s innovative ideas to  big business!

6 Reasons to participate

  1. Girls excel in comprehending STEAM principles
  2. Energize your STEM/STEAM efforts by combining STEAM principles with entrepreneurship.
  3. Innovation, creativity and design
  4. Give girls a real-world experience that can change their life.
  5. Leadership, collaboration, creativity, team building, problem solving, and persistence.
  6. GPS is dedicated to STEAM, entrepreneurship and innovation

Next Steps

Facilitate and encourage girls to pitch their ideas to their peers.

  1. Assist girls with all submission requirements
  2. Supervise the team, approve competition submissions, and manage travel and awards.
  3. Chaperone your team at the competition.

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GPS recruits investors and successful entrepreneurs who agrees to invest at least $100 and mentor the participant of their choice for at least one year.  Judges do not see or review applications until the moment the girls began to pitch their ideas. Judges are investors who gives back and support girls and women programs. All Judges are trained on the judging process.


6 Reasons to be a judge

  1. Share your specialized industry knowledge and experience
  2. Provide a life-changing opportunity to a girl
  3. Share, support, and advance the all-girls movement
  4. Inspire girls to pursue STEM careers
  5. Encourage the next generation of women innovators
  6. Help to jump start a business idea that can benefit the world


  • Commit to supporting and mentoring the winners
  • Provide thoughtful, constructive and age-appropriate feedback during competition
  • Agree to confidentiality terms that protect the intellectual property of the participants


Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start time of the competition and stay until the last contestant has pitched.

Next Steps

Interested in serving as a judge?

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GPS welcomes support opportunities from entrepreneurs, schools, and organizations who are interested in supporting girls and women initiatives.  GPS promote Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) education and innovations in girls.

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