How Young Women Succeed in STEAM

The Girls Pursuing Science objective is to introduce girls to chemistry and commerce through creativity and cosmetics.


GPS programs are relevant to today’s lifestyle-driven economy, so future leaders have the skill sets necessary to thrive in the marketplace. Girls start with cosmetic chemistry, using professional grade cosmetic substances to make personalized lip balm, bath fizzes, shower gel, and perfume. After the initial fun and learning, girls create a business plan to market and sell their products.


The STEAM content includes research activities,  software applications, engineering, digital art,  and applied mathematics. The GPS curriculum is based on Common Core and National Science Standards.


Making STEAM Fun


GPS guides girls through the science, math, and formulations of cosmetics, and includes beauty formulations to make their own personalized bath and body products using all five STEAM academic  concepts. Girls also learn business development concepts that inspire creativity. Our students explore small business basics, such as budgeting, planning, and marketing, and developing skill sets to make sound decisions.


Although GPS programs are packed with excitement, each experiment is a real science experiment guaranteed to engage girls in STEAM academics.


Girls become engaged in scientific inquiry, building their analytical skills, creative thinking, and reasoning abilities. The experiments are simple. However, they are very real and are written the way real scientists actually perform experiments in the laboratory.


Engage. Educate. Enjoy. That’s the beauty of science®.


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GPS Teams Prep for 2015 STEM Competition
GPS Teams Prep for 2015 STEM Competition