Girls Pursuing Science

If girls are to become leaders in science, tech, engineering, art, and math, they need a space to learn, express creativity, and become inspired.

The GPS Studios are more than the average afterschool programs. Our program allows students to discover their scientific brilliance, create solutions, and become transformational leaders.

GPS Studios

GPS Studios are 21st Century out-of-school time clubs that meet before or after school hours, Saturdays, or during the summer. GPS Studios provides girls a safe, stimulating place to engage in STEAM activities that leads to business development and start up opportunities.

GPS Studios is where tweens and teens experience science and makeup together!  As early as 5th grade, girls are introduce to chemistry and applied mathematics through real life applications. Each week girls create a new product and learn how to brand and sell it. In the last three sessions, girls create a story board, an advertisement, and business plan.

In the GPS Studio, girls go beyond building divergent and critical thinking and problem solving skills. Girls develop, build, and make creations that can change the world.

Each week is filled with activities that are educational, rewarding and fun.

It’s the Beauty of Science! 

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The Facts

Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) workforce is crucial to America’s innovative capacity and global competitiveness. Yet women are underrepresented both in STEM jobs and STEM undergraduate degrees and have been consistently over the last decade, despite making up nearly half of the U.S. workforce and half of the college-educated workforce. By the time girls mature into career seeking women, they are left behind. Women represent 48 percent of the workforce, but only 24 percent of STEM jobs. However, it’s important to note that when it comes to girls of color the numbers are catastrophic. In fact the National Academies Press stated in a recent report “the proportion of underrepresented minorities in Science and Engineering would need to triple to match their share of the overall U.S. population”.

So why we are still worried about girls engaging in STEAM?  Two reasons why you should be extremely worried:

We have not solved the problems that kept women out of science decades ago.

We are not doing enough to get ALL girls into science today.

Let’s solve this.

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Why start a GPS Steam Studio?

The inspiration and enthusiasm that girls gain from discovering     science through real world application is priceless.

Build communication, leadership, and business development skills.

Everything you need to start and maintain a successful STEAM enrichment program provided.

The GPS Curriculum is award winning, nationally recognized, and flexible.

Activities include practical experiments, investigations, group work, discussion and reflection, but most of all they are fun.

Finally a club for girls!

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Step by step guide

Get involved!  Take  a look at the  GPS Studio Guide to implementation. This guide takes you through the practicalities of establishing a studio, such as who to get involved, what is required, and includes all materials and supplies needed to ignite STEAM! Download the Guide Here.


If you are a STEM Professinal and would like to share you talent with a girl, please contact us and tell us more!

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Engage girls in science.