The Beauty of Business

Business owners gather as much information as they can about their products and their competitors’ products. The business owner compares the information and determines what will make their product more appealing and better quality than the competitors.  There are various ways to gather information about the product. The most common way is a questionnaire. A questionnaire or survey may ask questions like: What do you like about the product, what is not liked about the product, how much do they cost, and who is buying the product. The responses to these questions will help with marketing the product, selling the product  and building a brand.  When you are marketing, selling and building your product and brand, you also want to think about what makes you different from your competitors. It could be your product features, a problem your product solves or it could be the design of the label. Think, does your product stand out or is it on the shelf hiding like  some other products.

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1. Background Information

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