Meet Jacquelyn

Hello Educators! Welcome to My Lab!

I’m Jacquelyn Thomas, founder of Girls Pursuing Science, affectionately known as GPS. I am also a Scientist! An “old school” scientist! I say “old school” because I didn’t realize science was so cool until much later in life. Until recently, there have been few references to women who have made tremendous impacts on the world in STEM related careers. However, women have played key roles in innovation without proper recognition, from putting men on the moon to designing and building some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Yet, women continue to be under-represented in STEM Careers today. Additionally, women of color are significantly under-represented in STEM Careers.

Although, according to research:

  • Boys and girls are performing virtually the same in science and math
  • Girls have surpassed boys in high school graduation rates, enrollment in AP classes, and selection as valedictorians
  • Girls are less likely to pursue advanced STEM degrees and careers
  • Women continue to make less than men for the same product or service

Unfortunately, as I go in to schools across the country, the later two reflects reality. Therefore, I created the B.O.S. Curriculum to empower all girls by fueling creativity and initiating divergent thinking.

It’s the Beauty of STEAM