A Note to Students

Your Beauty of STEM (B.O.S.) kit is designed to make you a boss! You will have fun enriching your STEM skills, making cosmetics and learning how to sell them.

The B.O.S. kit includes everything that you need to extend your learning beyond the classroom! You will learn how to make cosmetic products which are safe, smell good and feel great on your skin. The curriculum is divided into three categories: STEM, STEAM, and Entrepreneurship.

The STEM section includes an activity, a pre-lab activity, hypothesis, and data collection.

In the STEAM section, you will do an activity for each category: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

The Entrepreneurship activities include business development activities which are designed to teach you how to save, grow, and manage your money into wealth.

Each section ends with an analysis and conclusion. This is a place where you can reflect back on what you have learned so when you get ready to make the product again, you will have detailed notes on what worked and what did not.

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