Professional Development

A Quick Start to The B.O.S.

Now that your equipment has arrived, we want to make sure that it does not sit in a closet waiting on professional development!
This section is a “quick Start” to get you up and running.
  • Check your Box- if you are short or have damaged products, please contact us immediately @ 704-469-3535. Replacements are shipped the next day!
  • Next, review the digital curriculum, starting with the “curriculum overview” tab in the top menu and work your way through the site. Review each page to familiarize yourself with the layout. Watch the first five videos. The videos are designed to give a breif overview and explanation of the science and math concepts.
  • Next review the document sections…this includes your downloadable Student Workbooks and Instructor manual.
  • It is also important to note the material safety data sheets (MSDS) documents. MSDS documents list the ingredients, test, and emergency medical information on all the chemicals that are enclosed in your kit. READ THEM CAREFULLY.
  • Adhere to all the WARNING NOTES about the danger of mixing the BOS chemicals and supplies with other products. NEVER MIX OTHER CHEMICALS WITH THE BOS CHEMICALS.


    1. Choose your project
    2. Give students an overview of the section
    3. Provide students a copy of the worksheets.
    4. Show the video of each activity
    5. Students use the worksheets to complete the activity
    6. Use the Instructor’s Guide for additional instructions.
    Still have questions or would like to order on-site Professional Development contact us: