Instructional Sequence

Before each session begins, check computers, smart boards, project materials to ensure that everything is working properly, and you have adequate materials to successfully complete the project. Set up your classroom to accommodate groups of no more than four students to a table. If you made the product prior to class, place a table in the front of the room with your product samples nicely displayed. It will help to build excitement!


1.  Choose your project   
2.  Give students an overview of the section    
3. Provide students a copy of the worksheets.
4. Show the video of  each activity                             
5.  Students use the worksheets to complete the activity  
6.  Use the Instructor’s Guide for additional  instructions.

At the end of each session, the students will use the chemistry concepts they learned in the research section to make cosmetic products. At the end of the curriculum the students will create an Ad for their products and develop a business plan.

Intro (10 – 15 min)

Introduce the product for today and explain each STEM or STEAM activity concept and the corresponding video. If you have made a sample, pass it around so the girls will have an idea of what the finished product will look like. Review the safety and sanitation rules of the lab environment.

The Lab (45-60 min)

During the lab, students may work alone or in groups. If students are working individually,  they should watch the video  of each STEM or STEAM activity and complete the  activity using the worksheets .

In a group setting, each group of girls form a team and each member of the team have a specific role and responsibilities. After the instructor briefly explains each of the roles, students choose what team roles they want to fill. The roles are:

  • Lab Scientist: Responsible for leading the group projects and assigning responsibilities to each girl (some students may share assignments, if necessary), ensuring that the group has adequate supplies, cleaning assignments, etc.
  • Physicist: Responsible for leading the mathematical sections and ensuring that the formulations for the group are calculated correctly.
  • Research Scientist: Responsible for leading the group in research and finding information about the materials, ingredients and procedures used during the experiments and ensuring that the resources are credible.
  • Chemist: Guides the group through the procedures and steps to mix and make products.

Wrap Up

After each project completion, the girls will review their final product and complete the analysis and conclusion section. Each girl should be able to answer the questions about their experiment and discuss the outcomes with the class. Clean up. Observe and discuss progress in the class or within their groups.

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