The Beauty of Spritzer Science

In this activity, we will be creating our own spritzer (also called “air fresheners”). We will learn about what makes up spritzers we find in the store, and how we can create our own environmentally-friendly spritzer. In addition, we will create a product, design packaging using technology, make some connections between algebra and real-life applications, and begin to explore free-hand design for product labels.

To begin, review each STEM activity in your BOS student guide and each corresponding video as you work through the activities. After each section, follow the directions in your BOS student guide to complete the project.

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Research Activity

  • Research
  • Inquiry


Create Digital Art

  • Multiple Modalities
  • Problem Solving


Let’s Make Spritzer

  • Project Based Learning
  • Discovery
  • Critical Thinking

4. ART

Make a Label for Your Product

  • Creativity
  • Communication


Using Ratios

  • Ask Questions
  • Brainstorm

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