Safety Tips

Take the Tips seriously! Keep your students safe and avoid accidents.


  • Read through ALL the steps before you start. We know that it is tempting to start with the procedure section where the products are made; however, if you understand the science behind the product, you can make a perfect product.
  • Read the notes and follow the GPS Scientist’s advice.
  • Before you begin making your product, clean (sanitize) your work area. Wipe your work surface with a light solution of bleach in water or use a sanitized wipe.
  • Gather all of your ingredients before you start making your product.
  • The fragrance oil in your kit is highly concentrated. Always start with a small amount and add additional amounts until you are satisfied.
  • The gel colorant is very concentrated. Stir until all of the colors are well blended. You will know that your product is well blended if you do not see any streaks.
  • You may measure your ingredients by weight using a digital scale, or by using measuring spoons and cups.
  • Before reusing your pipettes, wash in warm soapy water.
  • If you do not understand some of the words or math process, research for the answer. Research is a key component of science.