For too long our daughters have been held back—especially when it comes to their future careers. STEAM fields are the future, and it’s high time our girls acquire the tools necessary to become industry leaders.

Can you imagine your daughter curing diseases, designing rockets, or implementing programs that help the needy? This is where you start.

We help young women learn and express their creativity. And while our daughters grow in the moment, they also set the foundation for their happy and successful future. Keep reading to learn how we help girls become intelligent leaders and change-makers.


GPS is a winner! Within the first 3 months of operations, GPS received the 2015 Community Connection Award from WTVI-Charlotte. Six months later. GPS was featured nationally as an American Graduate Program. GPS is winning in STEM and STEAM education! Join us in our journey! Engage, Educate, and Inspire a girls!

Project Based Learning

Project based learning is essential in STEAM education. Each activity focus on team play, creativity and problem solving skills. Each session includes  challenging problems and questions. More importantly, girls engage in a rigorous, extended process of asking questions, researching and applying information.


The BOS ( Beauty of Science ) Curriculum includes innovative project-based STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) enrichmentactivities that engage and empowers middle school (5th- 8th grade) girls in science and applied mathematics. The activities may be broken into hourly or weekly sessions.

Steam Saturdays

GPS STEAM Saturday’s are super exciting workshops that engage girls in STEAM! Girls are learning and laughing their way to advance science! researchers say’s “play is important for productive thought”, so we decided to blend fun with chemistry concepts to nurture a girls creativity!

Summer Camps

Spend a week of summer learning how to be an entrepreneur! Make Organic Makeup! Create your favorite color eye shadow, bath fizzies, lip balm, lip gloss, soaps, lotion, body spritz and perfume! What a way to learn science and mathematics!


GPS after-school brings excitment to the Science and Math conncepts that are learned during the school day. Girls are engaged in hands on science, exploring science concepts like, chemical reactions in bath and body products! GPS after school solve “real life” equations in mathematics!