Girls Pursuing Science

The Girls Pursuing Science mission is simple but powerful. We aim to empower young women and deliver the tools necessary to help them become industry leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).

When girls enter STEAM careers, they live the life and make the positive impact their parents and teachers dream for them.

We provide the skills, resources, and inspiration for school administrators and parents. GPS serves those who yearn to see our daughters grow up to cure diseases and lead companies.

Through discovery, imagination, and innovation, girls will change the world. Check out the four ways that our daughters become leaders.



GIVE GIRLS the confidence to go into STEAM fields.


Steam Workshops

TEACH GIRLS design elements, problem solving, and need observation.



ALLOW GIRLS to have fun with chemistry kits, lab coats, and “Science Chic®” apparel.


Summer Academy

SHOW GIRLS how to create (and be creative) with science and math.

From Creativity and Cosmetics to Chemistry and Commerce...
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Steve Foskett
Steve FoskettLaunceston, Tasmania (Australia)
Congratulations Jacquelyn, what a great concept. As a practicing Science teacher I am always looking for new ideas and ways of getting the kids interested in Science and this is certainly an excellent way of introducing the wonderful world of Chemistry to younger girls. I look forward to seeing your ...
D. Johnson
D. JohnsonESS 21st CCLC Student, Leland High School
Ms Thomas, I just stopped by to say thank you, and to tell you that I am stillselling my products. I started my own business after our GPS Summer Academy ended.

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