Changing The Faces Of STEM

GPS engage girls in project-based learning activities to formulate, create, and develop their own beauty products!



Do you have a budding scientist on your hands that loves to create and seems to turn everything into an experiment? Does she love to mix and make DIY products? If so, you have comes to the right place. GPS brings real science and math to the experiments that build STEAM skills!



GPS welcomes teachers, tutors, and program administrators to explore our STEM and STEAM enrichment programs. GPS’ turn-key curriculum has everything you need to engage your learners in project-based activities that challenge them while they have fun. 



Want to bring actionable, practical resources to families and the teachers in your community? GPS has tailored resources that are designed to help make STEM and STEAM easy, affordable, and accessible to all! From student evaluations to funding for schools and community programs.

Beauty of


Everything you need to start your lip line! Real ingredients to create smooth, moisturizing, flavorful lip balm! Instructional videos, colorful easy to follow step-by-step instructions manuals; budget, storyboard, and business plan templates! An easy, fun, and safe way to kidpreneurship!


Start a fizzy fun business! Make bath bombs with exploding colors and scents! Includes instructional videos, colorful easy to follow instructions manuals, budget storyboard, and business plan templates! Everything you need to learn the business of fizzy fun! Start selling and growing your kidpreneur pop-up shop!


Learn and explore the business of perfume! A fun easy and safe way to formulate and make body spritz/perfume using real ingredients. Everything you need to learn the business of scents! Fun colorful instructional manuals and videos, budget, storyboard, and business plan templates! Start selling and growing your kidpreneur pop-up shop today! 


What parents and teachers are saying…

Excellent engaging program for girls:

Excellent engaging program for girls. My daughter loved the hands-on cosmetic experiments. The kits arrived in the mail on time and the virtual STEAM Saturday workshop was the best! Great way to experience screen time.

Fun and Innovative STEM Summer:

My daughter was excited to attend camp in the class! She is a DIY girl that dibbles in homemaking all the time. After participating in GPS, she has learned the chemistry aspect of cosmetics and perfected her craft to creating her own formulations, packaging and selling her products online!

Dr. Rose Carr, Bella’s Mom Tweet

Brilliant idea for girls:

What a way to engage girls in science and math! Its challenging for our teachers to engage girls in math, robotics, or tech clubs at our school. So, we partnered with GPS to engage more girls in STEM. We have seen a 30% increase in science and math test scores, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills are noticeable, and their self-esteem is through the roof! The cosmetic chemistry approach is brilliant.



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Bath fizzies activity

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