GPS- Guiding Girls To STEM and Enterpreneurship



GPS programs engage girls in project-based learning DIY cosmetic chemistry projects and entrepreneurship programs, working to bridge the economic gender gaps.

A woman working full time, year-round earned $10,194 less than her male counterpart, on average, in 2018. If this wage gap were to remain unchanged, she would earn about $407,760 less than a man over the course of a 40-year career. To date, GPS has impacted the lives of over 5,000 girls. Thanks to our founder and staff members forfeiting their salaries to match partnership donations to provide life-changing scholarships. Our goal is to engage and empower girls in STEM and STEAM, enriching the future of women.

Girls Pursuing Science programs are guiding the “everything girls” STEM revolution! GPS blends creativity, chemistry, cosmetics, and commerce with STEM enrichment. GPS out of school time programs includes the GPS SUMMER ACADEMY, AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS, STEM Saturday and STEM STUDIOS. Each program activity focus on team play, creativity and problem-solving skills.

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