Why Girls Pursuing Science

 When you want the best, it’s GPS!

With over 10 years of experience, rewards, and a track record of incredible student outcomes, GPS is empowering girls and changing future generations. With GPS, girls are introduced to advanced science and math during their early middle school years. This helps them to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are required for high school advance placement courses. Tuition for our programs includes chemistry kits and unparalleled access to professional STEM educators, real-world scientists, science tools, and quality products that are used in the cosmetic industry. It’s a total package unlike any other. 

Virtual and In-person Learning

Prefer an at-home experience? We ship kits straight to your door to bring the collaborative spirit of in-person learning to your home. Or, with our in-person programs, girls will work with their peers, exchange ideas, and share experiences in creating their own product line.

Learn from Real Life Scientist

We partner with cosmetic chemists, and STEM university students to inspire our young learners. Thanks to our community partnerships, and unique programs, professionals are elated to give back and share their knowledge with students.

Small Student to Teach Ratio

Girls experience personalized learning in small classes. Our student-to-teacher ratio is less than 8:1.

Engaging Learners Early

The GPS curriculum introduces girls to advanced science and math concepts during their middle school years. Typically, girls are not registered in such classes until late high school. So, by the time they reach university they are already behind and it is impossible to catch up. By using GPS, girls will bridge the gender inequalities in STEM education.