Girls Pursuing Science (GPS) is a social enterprise that’s empowering girls in STEM and entrepreneurship. GPS was founded by Jacquelyn Thomas, (Scientist) with a vision that we will live in a world where women are equally recognized and respected. Mrs. Thomas is an award-winning Scientist, educator, and leader in STEM education.
Since Girls Pursuing Science’s inception, over 5,000 young girls have been empowered to pursue science and entrepreneurship through our award-winning BOSS (Beauty of STEAM Series) Curriculum, a rigorous academic curriculum that introduces girls to advance science, math, and entrepreneurship through cosmetic chemistry and business development activities.
Girls learn STEM concepts by formulating high-quality lip balms, lotions, perfumes, and eyeshadows. In addition to designing product packaging that sells and attracts investors by competing in the GPS annual pitch competition

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Jacquelyn Thomas, CEO

Jacquelyn founded Girls Pursuing Science to empower girls through cosmetic chemistry and business development during their formative years. As a scientist, educator, and trailblazer in STEM and STEAM education, she has been implementing STEM and STEAM project-based programs since 2002, when she started Kids In Technology, a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization to engage underrepresented youth in computer science.

Jacquelyn is a mother and educator with a passion for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEM and STEAM). Jacquelyn is amazing! She was a guest on FOX TV hit show I Can See Your Voice, raising awareness and money to support Girls Pursuing Science.  To learn more about Jacquelyn’s journey, from starting her first all-girls club in 5th grade to creating an international STEAM ecosystem for girls. Read her story.



In 2012, Girls Pursuing Science kicked off to provide hands-on science opportunities to girls and witness the amazement that science brings. At the time, GPS was a weekly project-based learning cosmetic science summer camp with just two locations.  GPS endeavored to make science and math interesting and relatable, fostering a sense of connection among girls.

It is widely known that girls tend to have a love-hate relationship with science.  During their primary years it’s love, by the time girls reach middle school it’s hate, although we are working to change that, girls and women are systematically steered away from science and math throughout their education, limiting their access, preparation, and opportunities in the STEAM fields as adults. This has led to a shortage of women doctors, engineers, chemists, and programmers, and a large population of women who are heads of economically deprived households, with the potential consequences of creating generations of poverty.

Jacquelyn Thomas, our CEO, knows that side of education first-hand, and she felt morally obligated to bring hands-on science opportunities to girls and witness the excitement and power of diversity to the global economy.

Today, GPS has developed an award-winning STEAM curriculum, created cosmetic chemistry kits, and built strong partnerships with schools, community organizations, and educators worldwide.

Our mission is to broaden and enhance STEAM enrichment education and learning opportunities that empower girls and increase diversity.

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