Girls Pursuing Science (GPS) is a comprehensive STEAM enrichment education program that engages girls in advanced science, engineering, art, math, and entrepreneurship through real-life application. GPS is a social enterprise, created to provide girls an opportunity to discover and develop their unique abilities to create, think, and lead.

GPS began as a summer enrichment program, 2012, Austin, Texas. Founded and led by a female Scientist, Jacquelyn Thomas, GPS’s mission is to improve and expand STEAM enrichment education and economic opportunities for girls ages 9 to 15. This is done by developing, implementing, and sharing innovative STEAM curricula.

Over the last 9 years, GPS has empowered over 5,000 young girls to make their own bath and body products, develop a product line, and start their own business. This is made possible by our powerful partnerships with parents, school districts, home school associations, and community organizations internationally.

GPS’s latest project is to create a STEAM Ecosystem of educators through the GPS licensing program. The licensing program will provide the architecture for cross-sector learning, expanding STEAM learning opportunities to all young girls so they can build creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills during their early learning years.

GPS licensing program will feature dynamic collaborations among schools, out-of-school time programs, community-based organizations, youth, and families.

GPS’s licensing program is currently accepting applications.

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Jacquelyn Thomas, CEO

Scientist, educator, and pioneer in STEM and STEAM education, Jacquelyn has been implementing STEM project-based programs since 2002! As the Executive Director and Founder of Kids In Technology, a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization, she developed the Girls Pursuing Science program to engage girls in chemistry, math, and entrepreneurship during their elementary years. 

Jacquelyn is a mom and STEM educator. Jacquelyn is awesome! To learn more about Jacquelyn’s journey, from starting her first all-girls club in 5th grade to creating an international STEAM ecosystem for girls, read her story.




We start each day with great enthusiasm to bring hands-on science opportunities to girls and watch the smiles that science brings. It was true when the first GPS program started in 2012, and it’s just as true today.

Back then, GPS was a weekly DIY cosmetic science summer camp with one location. GPS set out to be a different kind of company. One that took a different approach to learn STEAM, by making science and math relevant and bringing a feeling of connection.

Today, GPS has developed an award-winning STEAM curriculum, created cosmetic science kits, and built strong partnerships with schools, community organizations, and educators worldwide. 

Our mission is to expand and improve STEAM enrichment education and learning opportunities that empower girls and expand diversity.

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