BOSS - BEAUTY OF STEM SERIES - Summer Enrichment

Beauty of STEM

Summer Academy 2023

Age Appropriate Math and Science

 Hands-on science and math! 
 Science – Chemistry, Cosmetics, Mixes, Chemical Reactions,  and Compounds
 Build Advance Math skills and make makeup!
 Learn how to brand and build a cosmetic business.


 Chemistry kits include product bases, containers, beakers, lab glasses, and the major ingredients to create real cosmetics products! Everything you need to make cosmetics. If you learn from home, the BOSS Kits will be delivered to your doorstep! $50 VALUE


(Ages 6-11) | Learn how to make bath and body products! This summer experience the beautiful side of science and math. Experiment with bubble bath, lip balm, body spritz, bath bombs, and lotion! Making and designing your own cosmetics! What a way to learn molecules, mixtures, & compounds!

(Ages 12-17) | Experience the beautiful side of chemistry! Learn how to make your own bath and body products, then market and sell them! Make your own hair gel, perfume, body scrub, shower gel, lip gloss, and body yogurt.  Learn how ingredients interact, understand emulsions, create colorful cosmetics and formulations! Learn how to pitch your products and sell them. Learn how to launch and grow your business. From Consumer to Chemist…It’s the Beauty of STEAM Series!

The Bottom Line

The BOSS Summer Academy offers in-person and virtual camp options!

Choose to attend online or in-person.  If you attend in person, you will receive your kit during the camp.  If you choose to attend online, the BOSS Kits are delivered to you. The BOSS is hands-on science with minimal screen time and engaging activities that build critical thinking and creativity.

Chemistry kits include product base, containers, beaker, lab glasses, and the major ingredients to create real cosmetics products.

Engage and enjoy new friendships in person or in a virtual world. Meet new friends and build confidence as you make your own products and share your experience with the team!

Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate!


Beginners – Advance
PATH: Chemistry,  Advance Math, Business Development


 Project-based learning and fun!


Although there are no prerequisites for this camp, other than an active imagination and an interest in fun DIY activities! Girls catch on easily with a creative, hands-on curriculum that makes science and math relevant. This STEAM summer experience is perfect for both new and returning girls