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Girls Pursuing Science is dedicated to bridging the gaps of gender inequalities.

Through our social impact initiatives, Girls Pursuing Science is empowering girls and changing generations. We believe that girls of every gender, ethnicity, background, ability and socioeconomic status deserve to have access to connected learning opportunities.

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Our Social Impact Initiatives


GPS programs engage girls in project-based learning DIY cosmetic chemistry projects and entrepreneurship programs, working to bridge the economic gender gaps.

A woman working full time, year-round earned $10,194 less than her male counterpart, on average, in 2018. If this wage gap were to remain unchanged, she would earn about $407,760 less than a man over the course of a 40-year career. To date, GPS has impacted the lives of over 5,000 girls. Thanks to our founder and staff members forfeiting their salaries to match partnership donations to provide life-changing scholarships. Our goal is to engage and empower girls in STEM and STEAM, enriching the future of women.


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Thanks to our powerful partnerships, GPS has the ability to link resources from business and industry. We provide K-12 public and private schools, and out-of-school time professional development, the best practices, and resources to engage students and parents in hands-on quality-driven STEM/STEAM learning opportunities.

Community Engagement

Community Engage

Since our inception, we have always paid it forward and shared our resources with  other educators and community organizations. GPS has donated over 1000 laptops, science kits, and lab equipment to families caught in the digital divide. We are passionate about being proactive in empowering families with cutting-edge technology and supplies that servers and immediate need.

How We Can Win Together:

Create Opportunity

Provide opportunities for girls to participate in GPS programs.

Develop a pipeline

Cultivate lasting relationships with families and educators.

Blaze a trail

Clear a pathway for girls to create, develop, and lead. 


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Join the momentum and change the faces of STEM.

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