Lip Gloss Workshop Kit

Introducing the Lip Gloss Workshop Kit – a captivating journey into the world of STEM designed especially for young girls! This hands-on experience not only sparks curiosity but also fosters a love for science, creativity, and teamwork.

$15 Per Kit (Min. 16 kits = $240.00)

Lip Gloss Workshop Kit



Step into the exciting realm of science and cosmetics with our Lip Gloss Workshop Kit. Geared towards girls, this workshop combines fun and education as participants dive into the chemistry of lip gloss ingredients. From understanding the science behind everyday products to gaining essential lab and teamwork skills, this workshop is an empowering blend of education and creativity.

Unleash the scientist within as girls embark on the thrilling adventure of creating their personalized lip gloss. This hands-on experience is not just about beauty; it’s about boosting confidence, fostering creativity, and instilling a sense of joy in scientific discovery. The Lip Gloss Workshop Kit is a fantastic gateway to the fascinating world of STEM.


🔬 Science: Delve into the basic chemistry of lip gloss ingredients and unravel the secrets of how they work together to create the perfect gloss.

🤔 Inquiry-based learning: Encourage exploration and questioning by diving into the science behind everyday products, making learning a dynamic and interactive process.

🎨 Creativity: Design and personalize your own lip glosses with a spectrum of colors and delightful scents, turning your creations into unique masterpieces.

🤝 Collaboration: Foster teamwork as participants work together in small groups, mixing and creating their lip glosses. Encourage collaboration and problem-solving to achieve stunning results.

The Lip Gloss Workshop Kit is not just a workshop; it’s an experience that inspires, empowers, and educates. Get ready to embark on a journey where science meets creativity, and every girl becomes a scientist in her own right. Let the Lip Gloss Workshop Kit be the catalyst for a future filled with confidence, creativity, and a passion for STEM!


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