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How GPS is Guiding Girls to STEM

GPS, or Girls Pursuing Science, is a social enterprise that engage girls in hands on, real life STEAM activities using cosmetic chemistry and business development during their elementary years. GPS STEAM workshops and after school studios gives girls valuable STEAM and business development opportunities that schools are not able to give to students through an annual competition that encompass advance science, budgeting, and business development skills that are not offered in regular school curricula.

Currently, the number of women who work in STEM fields is greatly outnumbered by the number of men that take on careers in STEM fields. GPS identifies this gap and has made many efforts to combat it by encouraging girls to engage. As an all-girls club, GPS spend a significant amount of time teaching girls how to use their creativity and critical thinking skills unapologetically.   GPS partners with educators and community organizations to build strong partnerships that recruit girls to participate in the program, provide classroom space, and resources to engage parents. GPS is building an ecosystem that will help society push past gender stereotypes and empower girls to become empowered women.

GPS encourages girls to respect and embrace their peers’ ideas and intelligence, if they agree or not.  Characteristics that girls often lack and leads to jealousy and gossip that girls become infamous for during middle school years. GPS builds character, self-esteem, and confidence in girls that prepare them for higher education, professional careers, or entrepreneurship.

GPS is an international program that is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting girls by engaging them in an interactive STEAM program which incorporates advance science, technology, engineering, and art skills that inspire innovation.  The GPS program nurtures communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to excel and propel sexism, social pressure, and imbalances that the future is likely to hold

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